The Mouse, the Bird, the Dog, and the Lion: 3 Men to Avoid and 1 to Marry (Autographed Paperback)


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Don't ever get played again! This is a playbook no woman can afford to pass up!

Keishorne Scott writes a brief, but powerful playbook on men that everyone s daughter regardless of age, race, color, or creed should read!

In this book, Scott gives a reality check on most men and proves that not all of them are created equal. He gives up the secrets on what motivates some men to love and raises the red flags on what keeps others from ever loving back.

Using analogies to certain animals, Scott poignantly provides a roadmap for what to look out for in men and what to look for in a King. By the time you read the last page, you will know for sure what makes your man anyone of the following types:

- A Sneaky Cheat
- A Flighty Hunter
- A Jealous Hound
- A Fierce, Majestic King!