Bits & Pieces: 50 Quotes for Surviving a Soul-Crushing Breakup or Divorce (Ebook)

Keishorne Scott LLC

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The pain of an ended relationship or marriage is one that many people experience, maybe even more than once in a lifetime. Movies and books make it seem easy to bounce back after a broken heart: The happy endings either see a couple getting back together or someone moving on to an even better relationship.

In real life, relationship pains aren’t usually resolved in two hours like they are on the big screen, and the stories don’t always have tidy endings. The pain is there, and it's real, and when you're in that moment, you often feel helpless. We think we can never get past the suffering. After a break-up, some people allow the pain they feel to rule their entire lives.

My hope is that this collection of 50 quotes will serve as a guide for you on your healing journey. To provide you with bites and pieces of optimism, strength, perseverance, power, and confidence. We want to emphasize that you are not your suffering, hurt, or grief. You have the ability to be whole again.